Frank Hart Guinness

1851 — 02/04/1885
A brief biography

Frank Hart Guinness

Son of Francis ( Frank) Hart Vicesimus Guinness and Catherine Marian Richardson. .

Born in 1851, the fourteenth year of the reign of Queen Victoria, and died aged thirty-four in the forty-eighth year of the reign of Queen Victoria  He has 35 direct descendants in the family.


Frank Hart Guinness Jun. was born in 1851 in Bihar, India, his father, Francis, was 32 and his mother, Catherine, was 32. He married Jessie Barbara Bannatyne in 1877 in New Zealand. They had seven children in 17 years. He was the local publican at the George Street ,Hotel, Dunedin He died on 2 April 1895 in Dunedin, Otago, at the age of 44, and was buried in Dunedin New Zealand too.

Sussex Hotel Dunedin

The Guinness Hotel

The hotel contained a bar, two parlours, a sitting room, a large number of bedrooms, dining room, billiard room, and a skittle alley. There were also two shops, with dwelling rooms above them on the first floor, and on the top floor was the Sussex Hall. This had room for 200 people, and events held there in the 1880s included dinners, concerts, dances, workers’ meetings, election meetings, wrestling matches, and boxing classes.

The license transferred to Jessie Guinness in 1896, and then after her marriage to her new husband, John Green. The hall was used as band and social rooms, and for some of Dunedin’s earlier screenings of motion picture films. An unusual event in 1902 included J.D. Rowley’s Waxworks of Celebrities, a cyclorama (panoramic images on the inside of a cylindrical platform), a Punch and Judy show, a mechanical organ, and a penny-in-the slot machine ‘which purports to reveal the future and inform the inquirer what is the nature of the matrimonial alliance he or she is destined to contract’.


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