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Books and publications related to the Richardson families

The Solebay

A transcription of the Solebay's ship's log, 26 year old William Richardson captained this ship from Limehouse Hole to Java, transporting 31 Hon. East India Company soldier's to Fort Marlborough in Java, the voyage took 14 months via Salvador Brazil, Madagascar and Batavia, from there he travelled on to Calcutta. This is believed to be the first transcription of this ship's log of 1764-5.

The complete document can be accessed in the Books and Publications section of the Collection.

Captain Hogan

Written by his great great great grandson Michael Hogan Styles and based on the family papers, this is the story of William Richardson of Gainford's son-in-law Michael Hogan and has many references to the family.

Currently out of print but occasionally available from abebooks in the UK.