The Richardson Branches

The Richardson Family Tree has three distinct branches although there appears to be some intertwining over the centuries.

An interesting coincidence is that descendants of all three branches at some time owned fleets of Thames barges.

The Limehouse Richardsons

The Limehouse Richardsons start with Christopher Richardson around 1734, his eldest son Christopher became a prominent timber merchant in Limehouse, and his second son William made his fortune in India. He travelled from Limehouse to Calcutta on the Solebay, the log book has been transcribed by Julian Rawes, Bryant Bayliffe and Tim Richardson and is available on the HEIC Ships Logs website.

The William Richardsons

William Richardson Sr (1783) sired several generations of naval officers who saw plenty of action around the world.
His son William Richardson first saw action at the age of nine as a young midshipman in the 'Glorious First of June' sea battle in 1794 and became a Vice Admiral.


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