Francis ( Frank) Hart Vicesimus Guinness

02/09/1819 — 17/07/1891
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Francis ( Frank) Hart Vicesimus Guinness

Born in 1819, the fifty-ninth year of the reign of King George III, and died aged seventy-one in the fifty-fourth year of the reign of Queen Victoria  He has 125 direct descendants in the family.

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Francis Hart Vicesimus Guinness JP was born on 2 September 1819 in Dublin, his father, Rev Hosea Guinness, was 54 and his mother, Jane Hart, was 43. He left Ireland as a young man and settled briefly in Patna, India where he met and married Catherine Marian Richardson on 16 November 1844 , the daughter of Christopher Rowland Richardson.The couple left India for better prospects in New Zealand. They departed Calcutta on 15th Jan 1852 on the schooner Joseph Manook, via Perth and Adelaide. The departed Adelaide to Melbourne on the Athenian, where they stayed for 10 weeks before the final leg of the voyage on the Tory to Lyttleton New Zealand. Frank secured land rights in NZ, but farming was not is forte, He became a farm equipment merchant , police inspector , JP and magistrate.They had seven children in 18 years. He died on 18 July 1891 in Wellington, Wellington, at the age of 71, and was buried in Linwood, Canterbury with this wife Catherine Marion( nee Richardson daughter of Christopher Rowland Richardson) and son Benjamin.


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