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The Surname Tree is here for you to know yourself better. You are your genes, so this is not just your parents and grandparents but your great-grandparents and those before them.

Who are you named after? Which side of the family does your nose come from? Your eyes? Your laugh? Your mannerisms?

Family research can reveal a lot about the influences on your own appearance and behaviour, and you will find plenty of ancestors to be proud of.

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The latest addition to the richardson collection has been contributed by Contributor #1 and is about Thurstan Berkeley Brewin (20/12/1921 — 24/02/2001) entitled : Thurstan would argue eloquently that some paternalism suits many patients very well. He believed strongly that doctors should demonstrate friendliness in their dealings with their patients and be interested in them as individuals, and that patients do not become less interesting just because the prognosis is bad. Another strong belief was in the great value of sensitively used humour as a clinical tool. He was committed to randomized clinical trials. He was joint editor of the textbook Cancer in the Elderly published in 1990 and published the very well reviewed Relating to the Relatives, dealing with breaking bad news, communication and support, in 1996. His last publication was just 6 weeks before his death - 'Deserted' - a BMJ personal view which was a plea for more doctors to realise the importance of regular and frequent visits to those with advanced or terminal disease.

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