Charles Richardson

12/04/1787 — 30/05/1862
A brief biography

Charles Richardson

Son of Charles Richardson. .

Born in Shugborough, Staffordshire in 1787, the twenty-seventh year of the reign of King George III, and died aged seventy-five in Teddington, Middlesex in the twenty-fifth year of the reign of Queen Victoria  He has 174 direct descendants in the family.


Charles Richardson was born Shugborough, Warwickshire, in 1787.

We know nothing of his early life, but since he was a successful gardener it is quite possible that he worked as a gardener for the Shugborough estate in his early years.

He married Ann Pengilley - daughter of Thomas Pengilley, an Exeter lawyer - at St. Mary’s Church, Lambeth on 21 Dec 1813, which coincidentally has become a garden museum.

At this time of his marriage he was probably working as a gardener at Copped Hall, Totteridge, owned by William Manning MP who was then the Governor of the Bank of England. Copped Hall encompassed 3,420 acres, including much of what is now the town of Epping. Their first daughter was born there in 1815. In 1816 William Manning bought Combe Park in Kent and by 1820 was in financial difficulties.

Charles meantime had moved on and by 1817 was working for Money Wigram, owner of the Blackwall Yard estate and Director of the East India Company. Money Wigram lived at Wood House, Wanstead. He also became a Director of The Bank of England. The family lived in Woodhouse Gardeners Cottage.

In 1823 their second son William was born, in Stratford in Essex, although this was close to Wood House so he still have been working for Money Ingram.

By the 1841 census, he had moved to Teddington in Middlesex, by Hampton Court, where he owned 40 acres. In the 1851 census he was listed as Head Gardener at Hampton Court Palace.

He is buried with his wife Ann in the St Mary's Church Teddington, where they worshiped.

Charles Richardson (Sen.)
Born 12 Apr 1787 in Warwick,England

Husband of Ann (Pengilley) Richardson — married 21 Dec 1813 in Lambeth, London UK
Father of Ann Elizabeth (Richardson) Simmonds, Charles Richardson II, William Pengilley Richardson, Ruth (Richardson) Jeffreys and Harriet Rhoda Richardson


3rd Great grandson Philip Ralph Guinness Richardson , visiting his 3rd Great grandparents burial site at Teddington UK 2013


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