Arthur Noel Skelton

09/12/1923 — 13/07/2010
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Arthur Noel Skelton 1923 — 2010
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Barbara Lesley Guinness 1929 — 2007   Anne Margaret Skelton Skelton 1953 — 1987   Skelton  

Arthur Noel Skelton

Born in 1923, the thirteenth year of the reign of King George V, and died aged eighty-six in the fifty-eighth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II  He has 3 direct descendants in the family.


Arthur Noel Skelton was born on 9 December 1923. He married Barbara Lesley Guinness in 1946. They had three children during their marriage. He died on 23 July 2010 in Auckland at the age of 86, and was buried AT North Shore Memorial Park, NZ

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