Subscriptions and Upgrades

Ensuring The Surname Tree is affordable for everyone

The Surname Tree Pricing Policy

The Surname Tree has a pricing system based on what the founders were looking for as their ideal.
The first requirement was a free trial with no catches, just like the old days. We do not require you to provide your credit card or personal details.
The second requirement was an affordably low monthly subscription that was just that - monthly and not monthly-but-pay-a-year-up-front.
The third requirement was a straightforward cancellation process, just press the Cancel button and the account is frozen, nothing is lost and you are welcome to come back any time you want.
The fourth requirement was a basic account that is quite fit for purpose, there are essentially no restrictions on how far you can build your tree vertically (your ancestors and descendants) however you are restricted on how far you can expand it horizontally (in-laws etc) and customers are expected not to abuse our generosity.
The fifth requirement was privacy for living relatives - only relatives who have died are visible to the public (unless you prefer to hide them too). The final requirement was for the customer to be left alone and not to be treated as a piece of data, so you will not go on any mailing list or be bombarded with offers, but you will have access to our social media streams with no requirement to participate.

This is our ideal family tree website and we hope it will also be yours. We have also added some extra features for those who take genealogy more seriously, these require more support from us so are in the more expensive Collection Plus.

The Free Trial

The Surname Tree 30-day Trial should provide you with enough experience and information to decide whether to take the plunge and sign up. It is a cut-down version of the main service but is designed to get you accustomed to our set-up and some of our features. We monitor trials - mainly to see where new customers get stuck or confused - and you are free to contact us for help and advice. We know how hard it is to build a family tree, and we also know how rewarding it is, so we are happy to help as much as we can.
After 30 days the account is frozen and will be available for a year, it is then your decision as to whether you decide to sign up to continue to build up your Collection - we will not hassle you.

Upgrade / Sign Up

Upgrading is a straightforward process, just click on the Upgrade button below. We use the services of the Stripe payment gateway so they take care of your personal information and credit card details. Once you are signed up with Stripe, we transfer the tree you have already created on the Trial on to our main service (this might take a few days), get you to register as a Curator on your own tree and then you are good to go.

The Collection

The Surname Tree has evolved over several years into something we are quite proud of. Some of the best Surname Tree Collections you will never find as they have Enhanced Privacy, which is a pity as we cannot show them to you either!
Pride of place in The Surname Tree is The Library. Here you and your relatives (who all have free access) upload, transcribe and annotate any document of relevance to the family so that it can be searched on and cross-referenced.
The eventual Collection of Documents, Wills, Certificates, family Papers, letters, photographs etc will become a lasting legacy to future generations who will be able to see exactly who they are related to and how. All fascinating stuff!

Free Trial

30 days

Free 30 day Trial

Start with your immediate family

Add your relatives and descendants

Include tidbits and photos

Privacy - limited access for non-relatives

Check out the tutorials


£4.95 / month

Full and free access for your relatives

Relatives can contribute names and information

Add certificates and documents to the Library

Add asides and contributions

Eight Greats and other features

Collection Plus

£14.50 / month

Enhanced Privacy options

Revenue options including Day Passes and purchasing access to documents


Link documents to relatives with mentions

Broadcasts and other features