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Finding the right balance for your surname tree

The Surname Tree Privacy Policy

The Surname Tree has several options to protect your family tree, your relatives and any content on your surname tree website.

Relationships and Relations
The Surname Tree already omits children from family trees visited by the public, as long as the child has a declared date of birth and the year of birth is later than 2002. Any relative will be able to view their biography.
Biography pages for children can only be accessed by logging in.
To see a test example of this review Father Vaughan, his son Sonny Vaughan (born 2010) is omitted as you are a visitor, the name does appear in searches but cannot be accessed.

Content / Tidbits
On the biography page a relative can opt to exclude a tidbit, or have different public and family tidbits.

The Curators of a Surname Tree can opt to have a completely private tree with no visibility to search engines.
Search engine access can be disallowed, however anyone with the URL of a biography (such as the test example above) will be able to access it.
This option does however require a permanent subscription.

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