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Together with your relatives, build up your Collection to discover the past and benefit future generations.
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The Richardson Collection

This Collection brings together everything about the Richardson family - the family tree, biographies of every relative, birth and death certificates as well as marriages and divorces, wills, publications, photographs etc. Everything is searchable, and much of it is available only to the family, for this and future generations.

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Everyone can contribute

This Collection is the culmination of the work of the curators of the Richardson Surname Tree, building on previous research by ancestors past and relatives present, as well as occasional contributions from interested visitors. Your contributions would also be most welcome.

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Everyone can discover

Discover more about your family, including distant relatives and ancestors that you did not even know existed who contributed and to a certain extent made you what you are today. Find out how you are related to each one of your ancestors

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Happy centenary, Arthur Noel Skelton

Every month we celebrate the anniversary of some of our past relatives and ensure their memory is kept alive.
tree.period_This week sees the centenary of the birth of Arthur Noel Skelton, who was born in 1923 and died aged 87 on the thirteenth day of July, 2010.
Click on the link below to find out more about Arthur Noel Skelton

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